Christer Holloman

2004, Utomlands

Sv. Handelskammaren London

Aktuellt uppdrag/arbete

Jag lanserar i Europa.
A San Francisco based tech start-up, already the US largest career service website and one of the fastest growing job listing aggregators. Has raised $42.1m USD from VC's such as Benchmark Capital. Our Chairman, Rich Barton, founded Expedia and Zillow, also on the board among others: Stephen Kaufer, CEO and co-founder of TripAdvisor.

I'm the first representative outside the US, taking the lead on international expansion.


Media & marknadsföring


Internet, start-up, sociala medier
"Named one of London’s most influential individuals within new media by the Evening Standard this senior candidate consistently delivers new revenues and improved products for digital businesses. With a unique end-to-end experience in digital product development, management, marketing and sales the candidate knows what is required for success, from strategy to implementation".

Sedan 25 maj 2018 gäller ny EU-lagstiftning (GDPR) om hantering av personuppgifter.
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