The Mentor's Guide

24 november 2016

Helpful information for Wallumni mentors

What is a Wallumni mentor?

A Wallumni mentor is someone who supports, welcomes and guides new Anders Wall scholars into the Wallumni network.

Guidelines and standards for Wallumni mentors:
  • The mentorship starts ahead of the annual Award Ceremony in March, and lasts until the next Award Ceremony.
  • Please contact the new scholar in good time before March 10 to answer any questions regarding the ceremony, such as what will happen during the day, what to wear, etc.
  • Be supportive during the March 10 events. Show the way, introduce the scholar to fellow Wallumnis and others and make sure he or she feels warmly welcomed in the community.
  • Feel free to take contact afterwards to hear about the new scholar's experience and to guide him or her regarding upcoming activities and meetings. Encourage new scholars to join and actively take part in our Wallumni group on Facebook.
  • Participate in the introductory dinner in April / May for new scholars and their mentors, where we introduce ourselves further and welcome the new scholars to Wallumni.
  • Please contact the new scholar ahead of the major events during the year – Wallumni Challenge Cup, the Anders Wall Lecture on Entrepreneurship and the Wallumni Christmas Concert – even if you can’t attend yourself. The idea is to encourage the scholar to learn more about the Wallumni network and to take part in the activities. 
  • In February the following year it is appreciated if you follow up on the scholar’s experience so far and encourage him or her to attend the next Award Ceremony as a regular Wallumni. By then the scholar probably have new questions to discuss.
  • The official mentorship will end on March 9 the following year in connection with the Wallumni activities. Beyond this the relationship continues on a voluntary basis.
Be attentive to the scholar’s thoughts and questions. Encourage and support if needed.
Communicate through telephone, email or meet up in person. You decide what works best for you.
The mentorship may end earlier than originally planned if either party so wishes.

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